OS: Windows XP/Vista/7. Download Size: 1mb

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To uninstall please follow these uninstall instructions.

What is VuuPC?

VuuPC lets you get your PC from Anywhere.

Get your files and Work on them, access your desktop and share your screen Live from the browser. Works also from MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android.

Enhanced with Babylon

This installation is distributed with the Babylon Toolbar. You can decline to install it.

Babylon is a leading global provider of language and search solutions making the web your home without boundaries and language barriers.

Get quick translation and definitions directly from your browser with the Babylon toolbar.

Babylon will modify your homepage and search settings.

Bundled with AdLyrics

We thought you'd like AdLyrics together with our package, from now on, this download includes AdLyrics.

This will be automatically installed to your PC and will present you with what ever you need. anytime you need it.

What can you do?

VuuPC is a range of products that lets you access, work on, and show your PC Live anywhere from around the world from any PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android phone and tablets.

To start working on your PC and get to your pictures, documents, files and programs, download and install VuuPC on your PC.

Next, you will be asked to set up your account with your email address. After this stage, you can access your pc by logging in at www.VuuPC.com.

You can add as many PCs as you want to your account.

If you want only VuuPC Remote Desktop, you can download it from from the VuuPC website.

AnySend included

Sending files was never so easy, just drag all the files, pictures, videos, to AnySend window, specify the recipient(s) and let us do the rest.

If you want only AnySend, you can download it from from the AnySend website.